Carrollton, KY

Our first stop on our trip from Ohio to Florida was a small town in Kentucky and decided on because of an exit sign saying it was historic. Neither of us had ever heard of Carrollton before, but after visiting the tiny, adorable tourism office we were excited to explore. We checked out the local church and … More Carrollton, KY

Back to America

The flight from Reykjavik took Elizabeth and I to Washington DC, which felt like a great re-introduction to life in the US again. Our final flight to Cincinnati wasn’t until the next afternoon, so we planned to spend all that free time in town. We read online that we could take a free shuttle to a nearby hotel and … More Back to America

England to Iceland

After a great visit to the UK it was time to continue west to one last stop before being back in the US. We flew on Iceland air, which was great. The seatbacks had poetic Icelandic quotes on them and the airline’s magazine had all sorts of fun facts. I even managed to remember, which is … More England to Iceland